Aquiles Solutions Room - Hall 5

During the two days, the Aquiles Solutions Room will host specialized presentations and technical content from great speakers.

Highlight: Don’t miss Marc Vidal’s talk on the 17th from 12:00 to 12:45hs.

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Aquiles Solutions Room - 17 Noviember

Errores principales en la fase de proyecto para la producción de componentes finales via impresión 3D industrial

Las principales causas de errores o problemas en la fase de fabricación de componentes serie metálicos por impresión 3D industrial son en gran parte ajenos al proceso de impresión en sí, y por caso, en gran manera evitables. Desde una posición privilegiada, a la vez que compleja, en su experiencia no solo como Solution Arquitect de Software, sino también en la producción de proyectos de fabricación en la planta de impresión 3D industrial en metal de Materialise NV en Bremen, el Dr. Said compartirá parte de sus experiencias como desarrollador de algunas de las soluciones para la impresión 3DMetal de Materialise y también la de algunos proyectos que le permitirán compartir con el público cuanto hay por hacer antes de dar al botón “Iniciar” de la impresora 3D industrial, desde la fase del diseño del componente, pero abarcando también otro patrones básicos e importantes.

ROOM 1 - Hall 5 10:10 to10:40hs

New technologies applied to industrial production planning and control

The presentation will deal with different optimization issues for the Metal sector, namely how planning and decision support solutions allow to improve the performance and productivity of the sector, as well as plant operations monitoring solutions. We will try to explain how these solutions are used today by our customers to have a more flexible, resilient and sustainable production.

Room 1 - Hall 5 10:45 a 11:15hs

Obtaining active polymers designed for 3D printing in medical applications.

As in other sectors, the medical sector is increasingly in need of personalized treatment for patients, with more sustainable systems and materials with greater chemical complexity. 3D printing technology, recognized as one of the Essential Enabling Technologies (EET), enables this type of personalized treatment in a more accessible and effective way, especially if the manufacturing is carried out in the hospital itself, by specialized personnel in direct contact with the healthcare staff. The aim of this presentation is to show concepts to be taken into account in the development of new polymeric materials for use in medical applications that require 3D printing technology and, in particular, the new advances in the sector, regarding the development of new “shape-memory polymers” for 3D printing applications in the biomedical sector.

Room 1 - Hall 5 11:20 a 11:50hs

New materials for sustainable mobility

The future of materials in mobility is about sustainability. The quest for industry, transport and cities with zero emissions of polluting gases is forcing us to change many aspects of our daily lives, thereby improving our quality of life. Specifically, in the transport sector, polluting emissions can be reduced mainly in two ways: electro-mobility and the reduction of emissions during the vehicle manufacturing process. The promotion of the first, i.e. the electrification of transport, especially in the automotive sector, requires focusing efforts on all those aspects that prevent consumers from opting for an electric vehicle: price, number of charging points, charging time, etc. As for the second strategy, the correct selection of materials is mandatory, since they have a direct impact on the weight of the vehicle and, therefore, on the autonomy of the battery.

Room 1 - Hall 5 11:55 a 12:25hs

Artificial Intelligence: new trends in optimizing operations through advanced technology

Is it possible to be efficient in operations through the use of technology and at the same time take into account the unique aspects of each company? Yes! But how do you do it?

From the practical approach, we will talk about the latest technology trends and their applications in the Metal and Composite sectors. Based on real examples we will discover how AI tools support industrial development, optimize operations at different stages of the business and improve planning, quality control, logistics and inventory management in companies in the industrial sector.

Room 1 - Hall 5 12:30 a 13:00hs

Round table: Sustainability and contribution of additive manufacturing technologies in this field.

Woman in 3D Printing will be present with a round table integrated by Elvira Leon, European Ambassador of Wi3DP, Berta Gonzalvo, Research Director of Aitiip and Begoña Hernández, Commercial and Marketing Director of Abax, among others.

Room 1 - Hall 5 13:05 a 13:50hs

The metal sorpasso. Robotics and automation trends in industry 4.0.

AER Automation, the Spanish Association of Robotics and Automation, together with Robomática, organizes the Robotics and Automation Block, so demanded by you year after year and so successful. This year, the round table will be moderated by Alberto Sols, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the European University of Madrid.

If you want to know the latest on Industrial Automation, reserve the afternoon of November 17.

Room 1 - Hall 5 16:00 a 18:00hs

Aquiles Solutions Room - 18 November

Welcome to the 2nd AEMAC Day at Composites Madrid

Welcome to the Advanced Materials Block offered by AEMAC.

Room 1 - Hall 5 10:30 a 11:00hs

Be part of the AEMAC Community

The Spanish Association of Composite Materials began its activity in 1993, and since then it has not ceased to share the existing knowledge in our country in the field of composite materials. AEMAC is the promoter of the Biennial Congress of Composite Materials (MATCOMP), being part of the organizing and scientific committee. The 14th Edition will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Congress, returning to the University of Seville, which hosted it for the first time. In recent years, the Association has launched and consolidated new activities such as the Company-Academia Collaboration Conference, the Composite Materials Magazine, Webinars, etc. The Association brings together universities, technology centers, companies, SMEs, professionals and students, so the AEMAC community is open to all.

Room 1 - Hall 5 11:10 a 11:30hs

New infusion manufacturing system for structural parts

The IIAMS (Innovative Infusion Airframe Manufacturing System) project has developed and validated an innovative manufacturing process of aeronautical structures for Airbus, achieving the integration of components, with low weight and high performance. MTorres has developed the complete manufacturing process, simulation and fabrication of both equipment and wing box demonstrators. The development is based on out-of-autoclave processes, component integration, automation, lightweight tooling, manufacturing system portability and 4.0 technology. The demonstrators integrate skin, stringers, spars and stiffeners, thanks to a one-shot infusion process, while maintaining the required tolerances. Infusion and automation expertise has been key to success. Torres’ proprietary dry fiber has obtained excellent results in the fabrication of the demonstrators.

Presentation moderated by Alfonso Corz, Member of the Board of Directors AEMAC, Professor at UCA and General Director Calpe Institute of Technology.

Room 1 - Hall 5 11:40 a 12:10hs

Competitive and sustainable thermoplastic composites for automotive applications

The first applications of composite materials in electric vehicles such as the BMW i3 have demonstrated their great lightweighting potential but, however, based on thermoset composites, they have presented limitations in terms of their recyclability, the generation of manufacturing waste and their associated costs to achieve a competitive solution. In this context, thermoplastic composites in certain processes have great potential to meet these requirements. Tecnalia has developed novel technologies such as T-RTM or taping and forming based on thermoplastic unidirectional tapes for customized stacking with zero scrap. Together with companies in the automotive value chain, Tecnalia is improving and validating these technologies to ensure their technical and economic feasibility in different applications such as the new generation of electric vehicles.

Presentation moderated by Juan Salamero, Member of the Board of Directors of AEMAC, Technical and Business Director of ZIUR.

Room 1 -Hall 5 12:20 a 12:50hs

Development of large out-of-autoclave composite structures for the mobility sector by applying Industry 4.0 tools.

Composite materials are widely used in the development of components for various applications in the mobility sector. Composites play an important role in the manufacture of trains, aircraft, automobiles and ships, among others. The demand for parts for lightweight and durable structures in these sectors is growing day by day. Thanks to the latest developments in materials, it is possible to manufacture train bodies or aircraft fuselages in composite. However, it is necessary to work on out-of-autoclave manufacturing processes to obtain high quality parts with higher production rates and lower costs and thus achieve optimized lightweight structures with the lowest environmental impact. To achieve this, it is essential to analyze and study the structure from the design stage and to choose the most suitable materials and process, taking into account all functional and economic requirements.

Presentation moderated by Antonio Fernández, Secretary of the Board of Directors of AEMAC and Professor at ETSIAE-UPM.

Room 1 - Hall 5 13:00 a 13:30hs

Development and Industrialization of New Composites Technologies

Composite materials offer undoubted advantages, especially when looking for structural components with minimum weight and excellent durability. However, there is still room for improvement. The industrialization of manufacturing technologies
industrialization of high-capacity manufacturing technologies, increased impact resistance, possibilities for monitoring structural health, resistance to both high temperatures and cryogenic conditions, structural batteries, integration of elements for various functions, the possibility of making structures invisible to radar, the possibility of making structures
for various functions, the possibility of making structures invisible to radar and the necessary improvements to make production and recycling of materials and components more sustainable, are some examples. From the perspective of FIDAMC, this presentation will give an overview of the steps necessary to identify and develop emerging technologies in the world of composites, until they are successfully applied in an industrial environment.

Lecture moderated by Faustino Mujika, Member of the Board of Directors AEMAC, Professor UPV/EHU.

Room 1 - Hall 5 15:00 a 15:30hs

Protecting composites with state-of-the-art antimicrobial coatings. "Sometimes it's what you don't see that counts."

After years of working on the development of paint systems with antimicrobial additives, Mankiewicz has developed, qualified and implemented on the market solutions that, without the need for special care or refresh coats,
maintain their effectiveness over time. Antimicrobial tests under the JIS Z 2801 standard, carried out by independent laboratories, show that the additives used lead to a reduction of the microorganisms present on the surface of more than 99.9%. The resulting product not only meets all the stringent FST requirements of OEMs including full customization by design OEM requirements including full customization by design, but includes antimicrobial properties to it. What’s more, it remains functional throughout the maintenance cycle, which means no re-application is required. Only the technology used in the ALEXIT product range offers this.

Talk moderated by Carlos González, Member of the Board of Directors of AEMAC and researcher at IMDEA Materials.

Room 1 - Hall 5 15:40 a 16:10hs

New composite recycling technologies to boost the circular economy in the industry

The European composites market was valued at more than €14 billion in 2018 and is expected to increase by 7.5% from 2019 to 2025 due to the growing demand for lightweight materials for the wind, transport, automotive and defense sectors. Adding this to their long half-life, it is now when the waste derived from these composites and the problematic of their treatment start to accumulate. For this reason it is urgent to promote the circular economy in the composites sector, in order to recycle and reuse these wastes that are currently deposited in landfills. The existing technologies for recycling composites (mechanical, chemical and physical recycling) will be analyzed, as well as those leading technologies that manage to reduce energy consumption while maximizing the mechanical properties of the recovered fibers.

Presentation moderated by Eva Belmonte. Commercial manager of the composites sector at SIGN-TRONIC.

Room 1 - Hall 5 16:20 a 16:50hs

The challenge of the zero-emission aircraft

At Airbus, we have the ambition to develop the world’s first zero-emission commercial aircraft by 2035. Hydrogen propulsion will help us to achieve this goal. The storage and distribution of hydrogen in cryogenic conditions (20 K) in continuous service for at least 25 years at minimum weight, adds great complexity and represents a technological leap. Composites are proving to be the best material alternative. AIRBUS in Spain, as a leader in composite aerostructures, will develop and characterize new materials together with the world’s leading manufacturers, validate design concepts and tank manufacturing processes, and integrate them into the aircraft with all the associated functionality and safety systems to guarantee and maintain current safety levels in the aeronautical industry.

Presentation moderated by Salvador Sales. Researcher at ITEAM – UPV.

Room 1 - Hall 5 17:00 a 17:30hs

Discussion with all the participants of the day

Space for questions and answers from the public with the speakers of the AEMAC conference, moderated by Jesus Bussion. Quality Manager TEMAI ingenieros.

Room 1 - Hall 5 17:40 a 18:00h