The future of advanced materials and manufacturing technologies

15 - 16 November 2023, Halls 8 & 10, IFEMA

The future of advanced materials and manufacturing technologies

15 - 16 November 2023, Halls 8 & 10, IFEMA

Advanced Manufacturing Madrid 2023

15 - 16 November 2023, Halls 8 & 10, IFEMA

Aceros y Servicios Integrados, S.A.

Aceros y Servicios Integrados, S.A.

About us

Experts in Special Steels with specific purposes.
Steel cutting -plasma, oxyfuel, laser and saws), treatments and machining.
We create pieces based on ideas and steels with unique specifications, treated to adapt to what you need and pre-machined to facilitate and reduce your production processes.
Transforming the future through people, technology and steel.
Contact us for a PERFECT PROJECT

SPECIAL STEELS (ask for real applications)
Carbon steels: Wide range of use. The basis of the industry.
Carbon steels are ideal for: Dies and moulds, Structures and construction, Ceramic moulds, Railway vehicles.
Properties of carbon steel; Good weldability, Excellent machining, Good mechanical properties, Cold forming

Steels with High Elastic Limit: High elastic resistance for enduring great forces.
Steels with a high elastic limit are ideal for: Railway Vehicles, Cranes and Hoists, Public Works, Agricultural Machinery, Welded Structures, Rippers, Dumpers…
Properties of steels with high elastic limit; Great Elastic Deformation, High capacity for recovery, Lightness, Easy Machining, Fatigue Resistance.

HARDOX® Anti-wear Steels: Maximum durability and resistance to friction and abrasion.
Anti-wear steels are ideal for: Crushing machines, Blades for recycling, Conveyor belts, Trailers and tippers of lorries, Giant bucket wheel excavator, Mills / sieves, Mining / quarries / gravel pits, etc.
Properties of the anti-wear steels; Good weldability, Prolongs lifespan, Wide variety of hardnesses, Optimal folding capacity, Good tenacity.

Tool Steels: Steels designed for cold and hot cutting.
Tool steels are ideal for: Moulds for plastic and metal, Punches, Pieces with high level requirements, Industrial blades.
Properties of tool steels: High resistance to wear and high temperatures, Capacity for cutting other materials, Great stability and tenacity, Easy machining, Resistance to fatigue.

TOOLOX®: A masterpiece. The most versatile steel of all.
Toolox® is a special steel with ESR properties, developed for high performance machining. Very high tenacity and resistance to fatigue. The steel which will optimise your production processes and reduce your manufacturing costs. Never has a steel created such excitement.
Toolox is ideal for: Tooling and Moulds, Manufacture of cutting tools, Critical parts, Automotive components, Recycling equipment, Specific developments, Progressive die for automotive components.
Properties which make Toolox® steel the best choice, Its guaranteed properties are key for a reliable production. Toolox® always fulfils the expectations of mechanical resistance, chemical composition, hardness, dimensional tolerances, etc.
Tenacity, Fatigue resistant, Easy machining, Excellent Surface Finish, Work at high Temperatures, Vibration absorption, Saves time, Welding and Cutting, Maximum durability

Steel Cutting: We wake up in the morning looking forward to cutting and transforming. Plasma, Oxy-fuel cutting, Laser, Saw
Treatments: We make steel acquire or recover the perfect properties for its purpose. Thermal Treatment, Grit blasting, Folding, Flattening.
Machining; The high precision of the machining is ideal for achieving the material in the desired form.
Some machining processes: Grinding, Semi-finished, Finished, Drilling, Countersinking, Bevelling, Threading.
Reduce your production time, In house CAD CAM Office, Up to 4000 x 2700 x 800mm.
SSAB has trusted in Aceros y Servicios as an official distributor since 2017.

We give life to pieces that will improve your product and your production processes.
All our involvement and knowledge is encompassed in pieces of steel specifically designed for the purpose you have prepared for them.
We take care of your project. Ask for an appointment and meet us.

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