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Interview with Aritex CEO, Gustavo Moscardó


Interview with Aritex CEO, Gustavo Moscardó

The dependence of robotics and engineering companies on Asian markets is gradually decreasing thanks to R&D and high-quality European suppliers. Digitalisation and automation are increasingly being implemented in aeronautical engineering companies and a great deal of development is expected in this regard. Gustavo Moscardó, CEO of Aritex, talks to us about the situation in the sector and the challenges for the future. The company was founded in 1961 in Barcelona and now has subsidiaries in the United States, Mexico, Brazil and China. It has a team of around 200 people and specialises in the automation of industrial processes in sectors such as the automotive, aeronautics, renewable energies, the railway industry and construction.

– What will be the company’s strategic lines during your tenure?

– The three most important strategic vectors for the Aritex Group are: in terms of vertical markets, strengthening the core markets (automotive and aeronautics) and consolidating the energy sector; in terms of geostrategy, maintaining our leadership position in Europe, continuing our expansion in China as the world’s largest market and continuing to work in the Americas as a necessary complement to provide a global service to our customers; and focusing on diversification with Aritex Code (IIOT), ATX Robotics & Aritex Mobility (robotics applied to mobility).

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