19 - 20 October 2022 | Feria de Madrid

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QUERO AUTOMATION – a family business specializing in international distribution via exchange, sale or repair of industrial electronics, both new and discontinued products, reaching more than 100 countries – has made Ekon, the leading Spanish company in Cloud solutions for SMEs, at your technology partner.
To meet these needs and after a 9-month selection process, QUERO AUTOMATION has relied on Ekon, the leading Spanish company in Cloud solutions for SMEs, and its partner Dragomar, who have begun the implementation, in a first phase, of four modules of your ERP. These are Operations and Processes, CRM, Projects, and Finance.

The objective is to articulate everything in the same environment that, according to Arlinton, “Ekon ERP will allow us to save time in future and consecutive processes, better control errors, and thus save time to dedicate ourselves to what we know how to do best.”

The ERP implemented by Ekon and Dragomar for QUERO AUTOMATION includes the possibility of exchanging damaged parts for others that are 100% functional, allowing the customer to save up to 85% on the cost of the new part, promoting, according to Arlinton Zuluaga, “the circular economy” already that it is an exchange process, in which the client receives but also delivers a piece “is an advantage that not all ERPs have, especially since they are designed as processes that go in one direction”.
In this operation it is essential to be able to locate and manage thousands of items and their types quickly and effectively. The user now has a very simple and fast tool for very complex management and with all the capabilities of a large ERP such as Ekon. As detailed by Arlinton, Corporate Strategy Coordinator, “if we have a 20% savings in man hours that we hope to find, our 2022 goal can be found more easily. An objective that complies with the growth KPI that we have proposed for this year”.