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1,200 Watt Magnetic Core Drill MAG 50 600636500


1,200 Watt Magnetic Core Drill MAG 50 600636500

• Large stroke, therefore suitable for use of core drills, spiral
drills and countersinks
• Magnetic base with high holding power permits working on
vertical surfaces and overhead
• Robust Metabo marathon motor with internal wiring for long
service life
• Vario-Tacho-Constamatic (VTC)-Full Wave Electronics for work
with materials requiring customised speeds, which remain
constant under load
• Clockwise/anti-clockwise rotation with thread cutter
• Durable two-speed gearbox with oil bath lubrication for ideal
• Integrated coolant container for easy to dose internal cooling
of the core drill
• Bright LED light for easy alignment in poor light conditions
• Swarf protection can be fixed without tools and protects the
user from metal shavings and tool contact
• Protective circuit starts motor only if the magnet is activated
• Overload protection: protects the motor from overheating
• Restart protection: prevents unintentional start-up after power
supply interruption
• Lockable slide for comfortable tool change
• Handle for easy carrying and lifting
• Resistant mains cable (5 m) with rubber shroud