19 - 20 October 2022
Halls 4, 6 y 8, Feria de Madrid

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The GAES Group has one of the most complete ranges of motors and reducers on the market. This, together with the long history in the industrial sector, allows us to be a national reference. We also have the collaboration of the best European manufacturing brands in the sector, with the sole objective of offering our customers the best service with top quality products.

Our range allows us to cover the needs of all types of industry and applications, we have crown, orthogonal, coaxial, epicycloidal / planetary endless reducers, parallel, pendular shafts, mechanical drives and forwards.

We also have motors of general application of standard efficiency IE1, high efficiency IE2 and Premium Efficiency IE3, complying with the requirements of European and American regulations: IEC / NEMA. In addition, thanks to the internal mechanical workshop, we have the possibility to modify and adapt any equipment to the customer’s needs.