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Linear Movement


Linear Movement

A linear guide is a component that, by means of the use of rolling elements such as balls or rollers, allows a movement type of high positioning accuracy at high speeds and accelerations.

This is possible because compared to traditional systems, ball and roller recirculation guides have a really very low coefficient of friction.

Due to the four-row circular arc configuration, HIWIN guides can support loads in radial, reverse radial and lateral directions. They have a very high load capacity being possible the selection of small sizes for the movement of large masses, with the consequent saving in space and money.

This configuration also allows you to absorb assembly errors or bench machining. That is why HIWIN linear guides are considered SELF-ALIGNABLE.

HIWIN guides are dimensionally equal and interchangeable with the most prominent brands: INA-REXROTH-IKO-THK-SCHNEEBERGER.

As a main warning, it should be noted that they are interchangeable as a whole guide + skate.