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MURUA Universal


MURUA Universal

MURUA is the smallest machine in passive layer technology to work with: gold, silver, copper, brass and palladium. The MURUA machines, desktop and light, allow the polishing in a single step, providing a mirror effect finish and in an automated way. The device used facilitates the polishing of parts that cannot be accessed either manually or mechanically. It also does not round the edges, which facilitates the creation of new jewelry designs that until now had not been possible, and allows to recover up to 95% of the metal lost during the process, as it is deposited on the cathode. MURUA technology is suitable for watch and jewelry components with minerals, such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, opals and amethysts, natural or synthetic, among others.
GPAINNOVA sells three models of MURUA: MURUA Gold®, for polishing gold pieces; MURUA Silver and Brass®, for silver and brass, and MURUA Universal®, for other gold, palladium-coated gold, silver and brass.

Model: Universal
Machine dimensions: 305 (ø) x 560 mm
Machine weight: 12 Kg (without liquid)
Voltage: 12 V 12.5 A (transformer)