The future of advanced materials and manufacturing technologies

15 - 16 November 2023, Halls 8 & 10, IFEMA

The future of advanced materials and manufacturing technologies

15 - 16 November 2023, Halls 8 & 10, IFEMA

Advanced Manufacturing Madrid 2023

15 - 16 November 2023, Halls 8 & 10, IFEMA


NEXA 3D: the revolutionary LSPc photopolymeric thermosetting resin technology for the first time in Spain

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The fastest 3D printer on the market for the 1st time in Spain.
Nexa 3D puts an end to the myth that “3D printing is slow”. It combines a large printing area with fast vertical light curing. Why? It is the only technology that uses a raid of LEDs instead of projectors or a laser, the manufacturing is without contact with the membrane of the tray, which avoids the step of peeling off the last printed layer of the membrane (this is one of the decisive factors in terms of speed). And finally, the joint work of Nexa and Henkel to develop resins capable of curing at very high speed to reduce the exposure time of the layer, allows you to produce faster than any other 3D printer or technology on the market.

The printing system resembles the LCD type, where the light is always incident vertically on the printing area. This allows you to have the same resolution over the entire surface. With DLP or classic SLA technology, this cannot be achieved. In addition, Everlast membranes make it possible to light-cure the layer without it sticking. If there are no frictional forces at the bottom of the tray, the printing speed is left to the light source. A powerful vertical light source plus a non-stick bottom generates an output never seen before in the world of additive manufacturing.
In addition to its speed, it excels in the industrial production of plastic parts. This concept was only achievable by solutions based on polyamide powder, whose cost in machinery exceeds €300,000. The NXE400 solution, for example, does not exceed €80,000.
Which applications and sectors can benefit most from its features?
-Production of low-medium volume plastic parts, where the cost of the mold does not justify the investment.
-Dental sector (model NXE200): manufactures custom-made dental models or biocompatible parts ready to put in the mouth in a matter of minutes.
-Applications where high design iteration is key, such as Formula 1 or COVID emergencies

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