19 - 20 October 2022 | Feria de Madrid

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The SW 900 with driver on foot is a sweeper for use both indoors and outdoors, offering an environment free of dust and dry debris.

Increase your daily productivity through valuable new benefits: total control from the operator’s position, improved ergonomics with a wheeled hopper and superior performance.

The SW 900 will offer valuable benefits to companies that are looking for time savings, more productivity and an easy-to-use equipment that guarantees a dust-free and dry-residue sweep. It is an ideal sweeper for cleaning contractors, industry and production centers, schools, warehouses, hotels, congresses and exhibitions. It offers superior cleaning performance with high productivity.

All controls are supervised and are accessible from the operator’s position.
More comfortable to maneuver with the new ergonomic handlebar.
Easier to adjust the speed: new traction lever integrated in the handlebar.
Hopper with capacity of 60l. New side brush control on the handlebar.
Automatic on / off when the side brush is lowered or raised.
Faster and more efficient filter cleaning: new electric vibration system.