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TOOLOX®: A masterpiece


TOOLOX®: A masterpiece

The most versatile steel of all.
Toolox® is a special steel with ESR properties, developed for high performance machining. Very high tenacity and resistance to fatigue. The steel which will optimise your production processes and reduce your manufacturing costs. Never has a steel created such excitement.
Toolox is ideal for: Tooling and Moulds, Manufacture of cutting tools, Critical parts, Automotive components, Recycling equipment, Specific developments, Progressive die for automotive components.
Properties which make Toolox® steel the best choice, Its guaranteed properties are key for a reliable production. Toolox® always fulfils the expectations of mechanical resistance, chemical composition, hardness, dimensional tolerances, etc.
Tenacity, Fatigue resistant, Easy machining, Excellent Surface Finish, Work at high Temperatures, Vibration absorption, Saves time, Welding and Cutting, Maximum durability
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