19 - 20 October 2022
Halls 4, 6 y 8, Feria de Madrid

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In Grupo GAES, we develop the mechanical transmission in an integral way.

We work with the most prestigious chain manufacturer: REXNORD, as well as the leader in MEGADYNE belts.

All the elements linked to an axle, pulleys, couplings, pinions, gears, torque limiters, etc … we offer them ready for assembly according to the product plan, since we have incorporated a machining workshop, with three manual lathes, a CNC lathe, a machining center, a milling machine, a de-timer, etc.

In the case of the chains, also in our machining and assembly workshop, we have an automatic cutting machine and an automatic fin assembly machine, which allows us with very short deadlines and a very competitive price, to offer customized solutions.

The same goes for toothed belts, since we have machinery to make the longitudinal cut, starting from the band according to the needs.

In thermo-weldable belts, from the manufacturer FENNER, we also offer product delivery according to customer requirements.