Innnovation Tours MetalMadrid, Composites & Robomática 2023

The Innovation Tours are back, this year multiplied, as we have created 4 Innovation Tours according to the themes most requested by our visitors.

In them, visitors had the opportunity to see in 1 hour the best innovations of the fair.


Time: 15 November at 11.00 a.m.


Soldamatic Augmented Training

Proven, effective and patented state-of-the-art augmented reality based training solution with HyperReal SIM™ an exclusive proprietary feature that provides the most realistic welding simulator training experience apart from actual welding.

SEABERY - Stand 10B13



The main objective of the project consists of research into the integration of plastics recycling and MES systems, in order to obtain information for the development of software to determine the recycled content of plastic products by monitoring the production process of plastics transformation.

MESBook - Stand 10A02



KOHLER has validated the compatibility of its diesel engines with HVO100 fuel, a hydrotreated vegetable fuel that reduces CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared to the use of fossil-based diesel fuels.

KOHLER - Stand 8N02


Eco-sustainability in the processing of stainless steel processing products

Range of eco-sustainable products that offer a real option with the same quality guarantees as traditional products in all areas of stainless steel processing.

AUJOR - Stand 10H37


The Stainless Steel Box

Healthy container to preserve and enjoy meals in order to reduce the use of plastic boxes in food corners. The aim is to catalyse the transformation of consumption habits from single-use plastic packaging to a sustainable, reusable, multi-functional container made of stainless steel.

APERAM - Stand 10F27


Refurbished working like new

Giving a second life to all industrial electronics parts; repair and reconditioning of all types of industrial automation parts giving them a second life with a 2 year warranty coverage.


Time: 15 November at 12.30 p.m.



SCAN (Smart Cost Analyzer) is a service that offers automatic identification of cases where additive manufacturing can offer significant competitive advantages. It is based on a platform that mass-analyses an inventory of a large number of references, identifying those items that are particularly suitable to be manufactured using 3D printing technologies.

BRONYMEC - Stand 8G18



Automation system
It consists of a printing machine and a post-processing machine to automate the process, avoiding cumbersome manual work and obtaining pieces of maximum precision and finish.



FREEFORMER 750-3X 3D Printer (HT-High Temperature)

New 3D printer, freefomer 750-3X, now in high temperature HT version. It has a larger print size, chamber temperature up to 200ºC and nozzle temperature up to 450ºC.
For printing PEEK, and implantable medical grade PLLA (FDA), now with higher speed, and with the possibility of varying the density of the part within the same print.

ARBURG - Stand 8G14



A platform for 3D printing, repair, coating and adding large and complex features whose head can be integrated with the most reliable brands of robotic arms on the market. With this integration, industrial customers can print and repair parts of large sizes and with a wide printing range.

SICNOVA - Stand 8C11


LMD technology

The multi-laser head processes wire using a set of six off-axis lasers and on-axis material feeders. It enables direct metal additive manufacturing and part repair as well as additional laser applications such as cladding, autogenous and filler welding, cutting, texturing and polishing.

Soluciones Sicnova - Stand 10C24-10C26


Improving the life cycle of a product in use and its final recycling

With the use of deep drawing/stamping technologies and 3D laser cutting and welding, the aim is to optimise the manufacture of the product with non-conventional technologies in these designs and the life cycle of a product, making it more sustainable in its production phase, in its destination for use and also its subsequent final recovery within a circular economy.

Matriçats - Stand 10B00



Development of a high-end road bike manufactured by 3D printing in titanium and TIG welded to tubing to create a world-first product. An all-titanium elite bike that will shatter all high-end records to create a new dimension in strength, quality and technology.

Madit Metal - Stand 8G13B

Exclusive tour of the machine tool sector

Time: 15 November at 16.00h


Automated cutting of bottoms and domes

Automation of cutting bottoms or domes in the high-pressure tank industry with advanced technology.

Microstep - Stand 8D06-8D08

maquina amada


Small batches and short lead times are no longer a problem. Set-up times are drastically reduced thanks to the Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) providing high efficiency and accurate set-up, as well as the ability for operators with different levels of experience to use the machine effectively.

AMADA - Stand 8D03

fullbend FAT


Thanks to the movement of the spindle, it is possible to bend in multiple planes and achieve excellent performance.

FAT - Stand 8C31-8C33-8C35

ball screw

DENER modelo DDS 40130

40 Tn and 1300 mm electric sheet metal bending machine

FERROTALL - Stand 8E02



Laser welding is gaining market share for various manual applications, while automation of the process using an auto-robot is an innovative method of exploiting this technology.

Leapion-Laser Iberic Studio - Stand 10E33-10E35-10F34-10F36


DENER electric press brake model DDS 40130

Plegadora eléctrica de chapa de 40 Tn y 1300 mm

Lorenzo Muñoz - Stand 4 8G29

mep saws


Semi-automatic bandsaw and programmable measuring fence

MEP SAWS - Stand 8C24

TruBend Serie 1000

TruBend Serie 1000

Access to the world of TRUMPF folding. A technology unpublished in Spain

Técnicas del Grabado - Stand 8C03


Tube bending machine

Máquina curvadora FULL ELECTRIC a 11 ejes

VLB Group - Stand 10F07

Time: 15 November at 16:00h


Formula SAE Car Simulator

This high-tech vehicle, designed and built by the E-Team Squadra Corse at the University of Pisa, uses state-of-the-art Biesse Materia machinery to manufacture key components in carbon fibre and wood.
University of Pisa, uses state-of-the-art Biesse Materia machinery to manufacture key components in carbon fibre and wood.

Biesse Composites - Stand 8B11


Smart Paddle Racket

The project focuses on the formulation of an epoxy resin doped with carbon nanofibres and the formulation and synthesis of its corresponding hardeners. The aim of this technology is to achieve improvements in the properties of the materials, making them of higher quality, and to obtain competitive advantages such as shorter production times, cost savings and more efficient production processes.

Nanomate - Stand CG7


Fairmat innovative CFRP recycling solution

Proprietary high-tech cutting technologies, incorporating robotics and machine learning. The process allows the fibres and resin to be held together and the length of the fibres to be preserved, for a higher mechanical performance than traditional recycling techniques. The whole process reduces energy costs and avoids traditional landfill or incineration solutions. According to the simplified LCA report conducted by Greenflex, Fairmat’s clean recycling process has a 9 times lower environmental impact than thermal recycling.

Fairmat - Stand CG9



Method of continuous production of composite profiles consisting of the combination of pultrusion technology with the inclusion of braiding fabrics, which is based on the braided arrangement of fibres around unidirectional yarns embedded in a polymeric matrix and whose main advantage is the substantial increase in the mechanical properties of the resulting materials, compared to those obtained by other traditional manufacturing methods such as pultrusion.

Birka Composites. Stand CG21-CG22

Time: 16 November at 11:00 a.m.


Collaborative virtual environment

Collaborative virtual environment with the aim of adapting to the new ways of relating to customers. It is a digital space where meetings, workshops, prototyping and 360º simulations can be held. This tool allows the client to visualise their packaging needs, work together on the briefing and even manipulate the prototypes in real time and without the need to be present.




The IO-Link standard is the common language of machines in their transition to the smart factory. At Murrelektronik, we have endeavoured to facilitate this first step towards digitalisation by making IO-Link the best and most flexible option, whether it is a universally installed system or a system that is open to future IIoT developments. The Murrelektronik IO-Link system speaks the language of your sensors.

Murrelektronik - Stand 10E26


Program VTracking

Software that allows the traceability of the versions of CNC programs used for the machining of a part. Sometimes, the programs designed from the technical office are sent to the machine and subsequently modified by the operators at the machine. In many cases, the changes made are not saved, thus losing the version of the program used in the machining process, which leads to a waste of time in carrying out a task that has already been carried out previously.

Zitu - Stand 10B20


APQP 4.0 (Advanced Product Quality Planning 4.0)

The aim of the project was to extend the technology to the entire life cycle of the launch of a new product, starting from the concept or design phase and digitising the APQP 4.0 (Advanced Product Quality Planning) methodological framework, which is widely used in sectors such as the automotive and aeronautics industries, to connect it with the MES/MOM series production process.

MESbook - Stand 10A02


Collaborative virtual environment

The creation of a platform to facilitate the sharing of spare capacities in Europe would allow companies to make their machines available to other players in the industrial sector.



MES system based on Artificial Intelligence, IoT and EdgeComputing

Based on Industry 4.0 that enables OEE calculation, with an infrastructure 10 times simpler and more flexible than current PLC and SCADA/MES based solutions. Thanks to the MES-IAS solution, the OEE calculation of production machines of all types and ages can be performed by AI and without the need for expensive systems (PLC, SCADA, physical network and MES).



SmartBin Cloud y SmartLabel Cloud

A weight sensor is activated by movement and therefore updates all stock and order information instantly at each use (picking or replenishment) to have a transparent and monitored stock level in real time at any time. When a replenishment point is reached, the system autonomously initiates a new order.

Bossard - Stand 8G20


Lantek iQuoting

Artificial Intelligence based application, powered by millions of real sheet metal nesting data. It provides sheet metal and metal subcontractors with an accurate, simple and efficient budgeting solution. It has the ability to generate highly accurate and market-driven quotations.

Lantek - Stand 8E10



Revolutionises efficiency in CAM programming, enabling shorter programming times and faster responses to modifications. Increases manufacturing safety and speeds up the learning curve for new employees, all while offering greater process flexibility and quality.

TEBIS - Stand 8C19


Universal Torque Control System

Transducers are devices that enable the precise measurement of the tightening torques applied during the fastening process. As different tool manufacturers may use different technologies and measuring systems, work has been done to integrate a wide range of transducers to ensure compatibility with different manufacturers.



Reprogrammable and configurable low-cost vision tunnels

Replacing human inspection as the main tool for aesthetic and functional quality control of vehicles with artificial vision. We were looking for total robustness without the possibility of human error, greater process speed and lower operating costs. The objective was to set up flexible, robust, economical systems that could be configured by our team without the support of external suppliers to replace the inspection work historically carried out by people.

IVECO - Exposición Awards

Time: 16 November at 12:30 pm


Carbide surface finishing machinery

The project presented here is a response to a recurring problem in the metal industry. In addition, its complex and dense crystalline structure makes it even more difficult to process. To reduce processing times and standardise the production of carbide tools, in a cost-effective way and meeting the highest quality standards.

GPA Innova - Stand 10H44


Power Cut

Glove with cut resistant K-ROCK® fibre, T-Touch nitrile coating on palm and half back and waterproof split leather on palm. A maximum glove for solid protection designed to protect workers’ hands according to the protection needs of the metallurgical sector.

JUBA - Stand 10G20-10G22



Use with different types of materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, copper, nickel, magnesium and their alloys.
The WAVE OS system simplifies welding operations; can be customised according to the user’s
can be customised according to the user’s needs; can be plotted and analysed by saving the data via USB. Designed to guarantee excellent results on all thicknesses, even the thinnest, the PULSE mode reduces material deformation and ensures high arc stability.

Birka Composites. Stand CG21-CG22


Simonrack Ecofire Fighting spray gun

Thanks to this spraying lance, anyone will be able to use the Simonrack Ecofire Fighting without the need for a spray backpack or an electric sprayer. The success is due to the simplicity of assembly and its speed, tested by our design and quality team to be able to respond in a few seconds to the need to use the Simonrack Ecofire Fighitng to prevent or extinguish an outbreak of fire and thus increase the safety of our fields, forests or materials.

Simonrack - Stand 10C32



It makes finding and quantifying leaks easier and faster than ever before thanks to its increased sensitivity and wider scanning area. The camera quickly scans large areas and identifies small leaks down to 0.016 I/min, letting you know exactly where leaks are and how much energy you’re wasting, plus you can see all the information on screen in real time.

UE Systems - Stand 10B36


Mini-Inline laser marking solution

A solution that can be integrated into the laser head that allows the laser beam to be isolated from the work environment, converting a class IV safety laser device into a class I, and allowing the operator to work in a maximum safety environment, avoiding costly enclosures. Given the success of the project, Gravotech decided to standardise the product in order to be able to mass-produce it and thus provide the same service to all its industrial customers worldwide.

GRAVOTECH - Stand 10B40-10B42


5-axis CNC machine

5-axis CNC machine with small dimensions.

5 continuous axes with 600x200x400 strokes with small dimensions.

Maquinaria ROU - Stand 10A50



The measurement consists of constructing a scan of the weld in which the actual morphology, diameter and thickness can be assessed. Saving all the costs associated with laboratory metallurgical analysis and, in turn, increasing the control and speed of response to downtime for spare parts or repairs. We offer a turnkey solution consisting of a probe integrated in a collaborative robot, an industrial PC for visualisation and control of the application and a fixing tool. With this product, automatic cycles can be carried out for 100% quality control.

Marposs - Stand 10A31


Portable 3D contact measurement

The FULCRUM dimensional inspection machine can measure all the dimensions of a part with tolerances and geometric tolerances (form errors) with a maximum accuracy of 5 microns. The software generates two reports: a pass report for the operator and a metrological report to send to the customer or quality manager. Tool Machine Connection module: when the machine detects a deviation from nominal, it automatically corrects the machine tool without the need for reprogramming by an operator.




Lazpiur is a specialist in 100% part inspection. The SURFCHECK product is a combination of hardware/software developed by Lazpiur to be integrated into inspection machines. It offers the ability to perform high quality inspections at high production rates in the analysis of surface defects, based on stereo-photometry and LED/laser projection techniques.

LAZPIUR - Stand 10A08



Environmentally friendly high-vacuum coating technology based on the deposition of a thin film on different types of materials in the presence of a plasma. During the process, inside a vacuum chamber, different metals, such as titanium, zirconium and chromium, vaporise and then condense on the surface of the product, combining with the process gas to create the desired coating.

WITMETAL - Stand 8C22

Time: 16 November at 16:00h



It has been designed to meet the needs of new forms of consumption and delivery in neighbourhood communities.

By integrating Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Kuik Home enables residents to receive their parcels securely and conveniently, even when they are not at home. Through an intuitive mobile app, users can receive real-time notifications about the arrival of their parcels and conveniently manage their delivery.

GRUPO BTV - Stand 10C02


Cobot Arc Welding Package

Functional collaborative arc welding package, which drastically simplifies the creation and execution of automated welding sequences. The main innovation is the Easy Teach Device (ETD), which uses a roulette wheel and two buttons to determine the welding points. It also has two screens on which to verify the instruction used. complexity of robotic welding and thus reduce the barriers to automation for SMEs and new users.

ABB - Stand 10F10


HIWIN robot arm

The robot offers optimum performance in a minimum of space.
Its high repeatability makes it ideal for small parts handling and automated production line applications
and automated applications on production lines, making it an innovation in versatility and efficiency.
an innovation in terms of versatility and efficiency.

GAES - Stand 10E13


Servomotor Ready Gears

Kit for the entire range of gearboxes including vis-corona, thus providing a great versatility and competitiveness to products on the market. This modular and compact design allows us to further improve the efficiency of our geared motors.

Hydro·Mec with ST Group, TRG & Abaroadrive - Stand 10G29



User-friendly software designed for efficient and accurate colour-guided downloading. With Libellula.SORTING, each icon, or group of icons, is assigned a unique colour based on various parameters, such as the part code, its associated order, designated customers or relevant routings (including work cycles such as bending). By employing this colour coding system, plant employees can easily identify the parts that require unloading, thus eliminating any potential errors. In addition, the application supports the quality control function by verifying that all workpieces are perfectly nested, ensuring optimal accuracy.

Libellula - Stand 8B19


Tool Control System with TAGLESS RFID Technology

The project aims to implement a tool control system using RFID technology without the need for tags. The system mitigates the risk of losing tools in critical areas. By using tagless RFID technology, it will be possible to track and trace tools in real time, keep an accurate record of costs, improve the efficiency of work processes, reduce risks and optimise the overall performance of the tooling system.

EGA MASTER - Stand 8C14



It equips an industrial work environment with the ‘intelligence’ and methods necessary for the effective adoption of Human Robot Collaboration (HRC) without fences. The project develops a modular software and hardware system capable of understanding the environment and human actions through knowledge and sensors, future state predictions, intelligent data processing, augmented reality and gesture and voice recognition technology to enable the robot to overcome human barriers and ensure more effective cooperation. The developed mechatronic framework is human-centric and is composed of different integrated software modules to provide robots with the intelligence to work cooperatively with human operators and methods to assess and address human-related barriers.

EURECAT - Stand 8C10.1

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