Innnovation Tours MetalMadrid, Composites & Robomática 2022

The Innovation Tours are back, this year multiplied, as we have created 4 Innovation Tours according to the themes most requested by our visitors. In them, visitors had the opportunity to see in 1 hour the best innovations of the fair. All tours will start at the Innovation Planet (Hall 8) and end at the Innovation Area (Hall 4).
Visit the latest developments in digitalisation, automation and robotics for an hour. Time: 19 October at 10.30 a.m.

Volkswagen Navarra Smart Factory

With the introduction of our project “Advanced part sequencing systems in the automotive sector, based on automation and digitalisation”, we have managed to optimise the part sequencing processes, automating them on the one hand, and on the other, by digitalising them, we have completely eliminated the use of paper. The automation has enabled us to reduce the space in the aisles and the routes taken by the workers to carry out the sequencing itself. With the introduction of the Goods to person concept, we have achieved maximum productivity, in the minimum space and with the right ergonomics. Digitisation has allowed us to work in a pull mode according to the assembly touch, so that a completely lean process has been implemented, eliminating any intermediate stock. We also guarantee supply to a production line with a touch time of 54 seconds. For this, the process monitoring system alerts us of any incident so that we can react in time and not generate alterations in the assembly line.

Volkswagen Navarra - Planeta Innovación


Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool, FANDANGO, which improves the operational efficiency of processes and enables real-time prediction of possible defects and deviations in the manufacturing process, as well as suggesting changes in key control parameters to correct these deviations at the head of the line. This prediction makes it possible to anticipate corrective actions and adjust the production process efficiently.

Fersa Bearing - Innovation Planet


Vario-X is the first modular automation platform that can be configured as required and brings all automation components directly to where they are needed. For the first time, all automation functions can be implemented completely decentralised, without the need for a control cabinet. The system consists of a controller, power supply, switches, safety technology and IO modules and, thanks to the seamless integration of decentralised distributed servo drives, ensures reliable management of voltage, signals and data directly in the field.

Murrelektronik - Stand 6E08

High-speed Pick&Place with automatic robot programming

This application, developed by ASAI engineering, allows robots to be programmed via a graphical interface in flexible palletising applications for flat sheet metal parts on laser ablation lines. Programming and commissioning are so simple that any operator on a production line can modify the program in just a couple of minutes to adapt it to the handling of different objects or the execution of different trajectories.

ABB - Stand 6F11


In a single digital tool it provides the connection between the business and the MESbook system, to enable the definition, communication, cooperation and management of the strategic deployment to achieve the long-term objectives and manage the short-term plan.

MESbook - Stand 6D06


ERIS is a vertical solution for the digitalisation of machining workshops whose main objective is to offer companies in the sector a tool that helps them to improve the efficiency of their machines. It is a software that monitors machine data, obtaining the data directly from the CNC itself without the need for intermediary devices. ERIS is linked to the rest of the company’s management systems (ERP, CAD/CAM), which makes it possible to relate machine data with process data, thus offering a global vision and traceability of the entire production process. ERIS is aligned with Industry 4.0, which aims to accompany companies in their conversion to “Smart Factories”, capable of greater adaptability to the needs and production processes, and to help improve competitiveness.

Zitu - Stand 6C18


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a collaborative software in the cloud for the industrial sector that allows organisations to efficiently manage innovation projects by providing a real-time view of the status of their projects. The portfolio of solutions integrated in this platform includes 3D modelling (CATIA, Solidworks), PLM project management (ENOVIA), virtual simulation (SIMULIA) or Digital Manufacturing (DELMIA), among others.

Dassault Systèmes - Stand 4G08

AOM : A bridge between ERP and AMADA ecosystem

AOM makes it possible to integrate the Amada machine/software “ecosystem” with the ERP of any company. Thanks to the digital connection, AOM makes it possible to have full control of the paperless manufacturing process, manage manufacturing orders, save time, avoid errors and have a flexible tool. AOM automatically informs us of all the processes involved in the creation of our product.

AMADA - Stand 4E04

Industrial remote control

Tele Radio, through various actions, has always been present in sustainability. The product itself facilitates a sustainable and safe work of the operators, as well as an extremely high lifetime that reduces the production of new ones, adding that the packaging is also sustainable. Tele Radio has been in a process of change for years, which is now being consolidated by the extraordinary contribution to companies that strive for sustainability. Recently the Tele Radio building has been made 100% energy neutral and we stimulate the actions in each of our subsidiaries with different actions. In addition, Tele Radio has launched this year a collaboration with Técnico Solar Boat. TSB is an interesting project on the development of solar-powered, hydrogen-powered and autonomous boats. In our fight for a sustainable brand we are sponsoring this project with industrial remote controls.

Tele Radio - Stand 4C40

Welding 4.0

Painting robot with self-learning system. It is a robot that simulates the movement of manual painting, continuously replicating the movements made by the painter. Moreover, its programming is very basic and accessible to any level of technological training. A series of programmes of manual painting movements will be carried out with the robot and then simulated. Visitors will be able to try it out for themselves.

EWM - Stand 4E22


The METAFLEX storage system, powered by the MIC automation platform, is an autonomous warehouse and machine feed management solution. In addition to simple commissioning and intuitive operation, METAFLEX is a scalable system, as it is configurable and has the capacity to grow with different processes. METAFLEX is also characterised by its flexibility, as it can be used to service different machining processes and workpiece types. It is also pre-configured for integration with CMM inspection systems.

Smart PM - Stand 4B06


IZDIT (Power Transmission by Izadi) as a designer and manufacturer of industrial gearboxes considers that one of the main added values for a user is to know what the real state is both in the installation of its equipment and the beginning of its useful life and in the development of the useful life of this gearbox in real conditions of use, compared with an ideal “km 0” stage. To this end, IZDIT has developed a system based on IIoT and Artificial Intelligence techniques that allows exhaustive continuous monitoring of all the gearbox parameters.

Izadi Mecanizado - Stand 8C35-8C37

Visit the most revolutionary innovations in the field of composite materials for an hour. Time: 19 October at 4.30 p.m.


ecoSan is a range of structured wall PVC sewerage pipes manufactured with a minimum quantity of recycled plastic material of more than 60%. This pipe is designed for underground gravity sewerage networks and is available in tile orange. ecoSan contributes to the Circular Economy by reducing the consumption of virgin raw materials, reducing the generation of waste thanks to recycling, and reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The ecoSan pipe has double AENOR quality certification, both in its compliance with the requirements established by the UNE EN 13476-2 standard, and in its recycled material content according to the UNE EN 15343 standard. The double certification guarantees a minimum content of 60% in recycled material and that this does not imply the loss of the properties of the pipe or its capacity to be installed easily and quickly. One of the GPF Group’s priority objectives is its contribution to sustainable development, by committing itself to caring for the environment through respectful industrial action and by manufacturing products that favour appropriate environmental management. With its ecoSan product, the GPF Group has become the first manufacturer of plastic pipes and the first company in the construction sector to receive the AENOR certificate for recycled material content.

P. Ferro GPF - Innovation Planet


The project focuses on an aeronautical assembly column, the basic element of future jigless assembly tools. This element would allow aeronautical assembly companies to evolve from classic jigs to fixtures and the concept of metrology-assisted assembly. This type of fixture will allow greater flexibility, greater segmentation for greater assembly automation, while reducing the number of tools, the number of shims and therefore costs. Aerospace assembly is the jewel of assembly applications. It presents a unique and daunting challenge involving the assembly of very large structures to very tight tolerances along with a large number of drilling and riveting operations. Assembly can account for up to 40% of the total cost of manufacturing an airframe due to the labour and quality issues associated with drilling thousands of holes per aircraft. Fixed jigs are used to position and assemble the different components according to specifications. Around 5% of the total cost of manufacturing an aircraft or 10% of the cost of the aircraft structure is due to the use of fixed jigs.

UPV/EHU – Tecnalia – AWI - Innovation Planet

Airplane Bulkhead

The aim of the new product and technology used is to achieve a high degree of composite integration, reducing weight and improving the integration of the final product. Integral CFRP bulkheads are planned for both space applications: Ariane 6 equipment membrane and commercial aircraft bulkheads: A320 neo fire bulkhead. This concept can be adapted to various aircraft and bulkhead configurations (pressure or fire). For the development of the product, a shape optimisation is carried out on the basis of the volume of traditional bulkheads, adapting the geometric shape to the negative of the natural buckling deformations of this type of structure and to the constraints of the production process in terms of design (radii, curvatures…). This innovative design allows the reduction of the volume occupied by the assembly, reduces the number of parts and therefore the cost of integration and reduces the weight of the component by 30%. All these aspects and improvements are critical in the two applications proposed.

CiTD Engineering & Technologies - Innovation Planet

MM-Welding® – Smart Joining of Lightweight Materials

New fabrications are becoming lighter, more efficient, smarter and multifunctional. Multimaterial Welding offers the ideal joining techniques for this purpose, with a technology platform for numerous joining solutions as well as state-of-the-art simulation and development tools. The complete automation of the assembly system simplifies and digitalises the entire production chain for faster and more economical production processes. Unique fasteners for all types of connections enable innovative manufacturing, absolute design, freedom and flexibility in the choice of materials.

Bossard - Stand 8D02

Carbon Fiber SMC

Automotive OEMs want lightness and reliability of manufacture and low cost. Carbon composites provide the greatest weight savings, but the current cost has been a challenge. AOC, Asta and Zoltek have worked together on the solution: a highly innovative carbon SMC. The new generation carbon fibre SMC technology, jointly developed by key players in the supply chain and validated by OEMs, can replace steel and aluminium to save weight. At the same time, the price of the components is lower than other carbon fibre composites. High volume manufacturing has been confirmed.

AOC AG - Stand 8D11.B

Cupra Member Box

Prepreg Compression Moulding (PCM) with hot plate presses for high volume application of aesthetically finished carbon fibre parts with automotive homologation (VW group). At the end of 2021, ATE homologated its Member Box product for the car manufacturer CUPRA (SEAT S.A.). It is a set of 2 pieces (Key Cover and bracelet) delivered as a standard product for the Formentor, Leon and Born models. During the pandemic, ATE built its new advanced composites centre in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (Barcelona) and developed all the industrialisation, focused on producing more than 3000 Member Boxes (see attached photo) per week, with the highest aesthetic and functional quality criteria of the VW group.

Composites ATE - Stand 8C06

CARBODIN. Design of modular moulds

The success of the European rail system requires cost-effective passenger trains with high capacity and reliability. The development of these highly demanding trains involves a concerted effort to improve a wide range of elements. CARBODIN contributes to this effort by combining the research effort together with the future CFM-IP1-01-2019 and the ongoing CFM-IP1-01-2017 projects to manufacture body parts, doors and improve the interior design of passenger trains. The CARBODIN project is an R&D project of the Shift2Rail JU call in the framework of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme led and coordinated by EURECAT. The project is formed by a multidisciplinary consortium composed of 14 partners (research organisations, SMEs and large companies from 7 different countries). One of the main objectives of CARBODIN has been the design and manufacture of modular moulds for the development of composite structures for trains CARBODIN improves the manufacture of carriages by exploring the possibilities offered by composite materials.

Eurecat - Stand 8C10

Shock absorber support lightened by 40% through generative design

The company Igestek, a specialist in lightweighting solutions, has developed in its generative design laboratory a suspension shock absorber support for premium vehicles that is 40% lighter than current ones. This part has been conceived and materialised thanks to generative design together with the hybridisation of different technologies and materials, such as metal additive manufacturing and the forming of carbon prep-pregs in presses. The newly developed shock absorber support is a break with what has been established up to now. Starting with the development phase in which generative design has been used, a disruptive concept of geometry generation, mainly focused on lightening and optimising the use of raw materials. In order to overcome the limitations of current components, such as their high weight, the aim was to make use of different materials, such as metals and composite materials, using the right material in the right place. The result is a multi-material component whose technical capabilities have substantially improved the current ones, obtaining a lightening of 40%. Igestek has counted on the advice and consultancy of Asidek for the choice of the best technological solutions and the necessary support for their adoption and implementation. In this project, Fusion 360, Helius Composites, Inventor and Moldflow have been used for the design phase of the component and its tooling, Nastran for the structural verification phase and Netfabb for the prototyping and 3D printing phase.

Asidek - Igestek - Stand 6C13

One-hour tour of the most revolutionary innovations in metal treatment and processing Horario: 20 de octubre a las 11.00h

Progressive Die

The project was carried out to improve one of the main factors that influenced the production to not meet its objectives, which was to close the OEE (total equipment effectiveness), with an average of 95% per year. Analysing the problem and observing the indicators that affected the failure, one of the main factors was the tool shop area which indicates that when the 295D3672 die was working on the press, out of 132 times during the year, it was damaged 62 times, with 53% of production and 47% of die failure. This generated downtime, labour and spare parts costs, so we decided to redesign the cutting figure matrix and implement an insert, so that we no longer have to lower the die and send it to the workshop for correction, which will help us to improve downtime, In the same way it will help us to improve the manpower, because we would stop doing extra activities, and with this insert it will also help us to save material AISI 1045 Cold Drawn Steel, because before we had to manufacture the whole die and with this improvement of the insert, with 1 steel die we manufacture 3 inserts. Saving 67% of material.

UNIDEG - Innovation Planet


This LW2 Touch marking station is fully automated: automatic door, motorised Z-axis (300 mm travel) and programmable, focal height adjustment with diode focus or automatic focus, etc. The marking can be controlled easily, using the functions without a computer, thanks to its touch screen. It is also classified as Class 1, i.e. it is totally safe for the operator.

Técnicas del Grabado - Stand 4B16

Cordless Alliance System (CAS)

The CAS uses the most powerful battery system in the industry worldwide. With more than 30 years of experience in battery operation, Metabo has become a pioneer in battery technology and in the field of “cordless works”. CAS is a well-established battery system on which you can now also rely for a wide range of standard and special applications. What is your benefit? Thanks to the multi-functionality of existing batteries, you will achieve clear cost advantages. In addition, CAS offers the highest level of reliability and a high level of investment security in a future-proof battery system.

Metabo - Stand 4F11

Hanwha XD20 IIV Swiss-type CNC lathe

The cnc lathe will be machining a bar turning part. Hanwha’s Swiss-type cnc lathes are an innovation in the precision with which they machine.

Ferrotall - Stand 4E03-4E05

Laser scanning system for special thermal cutting solutions

Our advanced 3D laser scanning system allows to reduce time and costs in different types of industrial processes such as bottom, dome or dome cutting and additional weld preparation processes on thick parts. This 3D laser scanning system has given rise to two unique technologies patented by MicroStep: MsCAN and ABP. MsCAN: Point mapping software that allows the machine to measure the true shape of the 3D object. For example on a dome or cupola using this method will enhance the cutting so that the contours and openings are cut at the required positions with very high accuracy, thus meeting the user’s requirements. ABP: MicroStep’s patented ABP® system is the only one in the world that allows additional weld preparation on thick parts by means of a laser scanning process, saving production processes for the customer.

MicroStep - Stand 4D10+4D12

HxGN Machine Trainer

The new HxGN Machine Trainer system, a simulator that integrates a series of simulated learning programs for CNC and CMM machines designed and developed independently by Hexagon to simulate CNC machine machining and CMM scenarios, is based on the new generation of NCSIMUL intelligent simulation software, which is a perfect combination of software and hardware, efficient, practical and easy to learn.

Hexagon - Stand 4D16

Duo-Lock™ Tool Holder for Moulds

DUO-λOCK® is a state-of-the-art modular interface for carbide milling heads. The new HAIMER DUO-λOCK® system combines the highest precision in concentricity and accuracy of longitudinal presetting with maximum stability based on the patented double taper for the most demanding milling applications. The HAIMER DUO-λOCK® system is completed by the DUO-λOCK® carbide blanks. Duo-Lock™ toolholders are mould toolholders that combine the renowned HAIMER toolholder quality with the new Duo-Lock™ technology.

Haimer - Stand 4D23

BITURBO and X-Lock system

X-LOCK is a revolutionary system from Bosch Professional that allows angle grinder accessories to be changed with a single click. Fast, reliable, tool-free and compatible with numerous third-party brands, it will soon become the new market standard. Furthermore, this system is combined with Biturbo technology. BITURBO Brushless is our range of high-performance cordless tools. BITURBO tools have a power comparable to that of a corded tool, with just one 18V battery. They are also designed to make working with the toughest materials in the most demanding applications faster, lighter and easier.

Robert Bosch España - Stand 4C10A

TruLaser Weld 1000

To address the shortage of skilled welders and the increasing demand for higher quality laser welded parts, TRUMPF presents the ultimate laser welding solution: TruLaser Weld 1000. It is a machine that even laser beginners can handle immediately. Weld faster, save on rework and boost your business despite a shortage of skilled workers. The TruLaser Weld 1000 is an automated laser welding cell that combines laser speed and quality with radically simple programming and can be operated without much training.

Trumpf - Stand 4C01-4C03


This LW2 Touch marking station is fully automated: automatic door, motorised Z-axis (300 mm travel) and programmable, focal height adjustment with diode focus or automatic focus, etc. The marking can be controlled easily, using the functions without a computer, thanks to its touch screen. It is also classified as Class 1, i.e. it is totally safe for the operator.

Técnicas del Grabado - Stand 4B16

Visit the latest developments in advanced engineering for an hour. Time: 20 October at 12.30 p.m.

Quality Inspector

The installation of an automatic and autonomous quality control system on a brake production line of the manufacturer Hitachi Automotive was proposed. Previously, this control was carried out by 2 operators and consisted of +10 complex inspection points.

Siali Technologies - Innovation Planet


Ecofire: Fire extinguishing and fire prevention agent. 100% organic, ecological and biodegradable.

Simonrack - Stand 8B41B


Autonomous lumbar exoskeleton for effort assistance in the handling of loads. It is autonomous and eco-sustainable as it does not require electricity. It works with compressed air and can be used for an unlimited period of time, and its low price makes it accessible to any sector. It provides an auxiliary force of 25.5 kgf avoiding that all the effort is made by our spine.

Aurrelan - Stand 6G16

Multi-laser head for wire and metal powder processing

The multi-laser head processes metal wire and powder using a set of six off-axis lasers and on-axis material feeders. It enables direct metal additive manufacturing and part repair as well as additional laser applications such as cladding, autogenous and filler welding, cutting, texturing and polishing.

Meltio - Stand 6E15

Renovated but working like new

We are standard bearers of the concept of circular economy and we are committed to giving a second useful life to all industrial electronic parts; we repair and recondition all types of industrial automation parts, leaving them “better than new”. We know that electronic waste and technological obsolescence are two current problems that generate enormous environmental and economic impacts; on the one hand to industries, because in the case of obsolete parts, the user must change the broken part for a current reference and this has a significant impact on the cost and investment and on the other hand, to the environment, because this obsolete part, which could have had a second useful life and continue to function, has been thrown away, increasing the amount of electronic waste and pollution. Therefore, the aim of our project is to alleviate these problems for the customer and the environment by supplying discontinued equipment for which the manufacturer no longer provides support, usually with lower costs and better delivery times. QUERO Automation is a company with more than 30 years of experience, currently second generation, specialised in the industrial market, automation and control in low voltage.

Quero Automation - Stand 6D09

Uniprep Long Life

Self-healing/self-healing degreasing (degrades emulsified oil and grease as water and CO2) at low temperature and long life.

Atotech - Stand 6C26

Electrochemical characterisation for the quality control of metals, coatings and corrosion resistance

Electrochemical corrosion resistance testing is a technology for monitoring and controlling the quality of metallic surfaces and coatings, which is of great interest in the areas of development, quality and production for the selection, evaluation and control of the most optimal metallic materials for each application, due to the speed and reliability of the method.

Infinita Research - Stand 4F06

Safety and Occupational Footwear

The Abarth shoe collection has been launched this year with a powerful range of safety and work footwear, with sophisticated technical features, and with a modern, avant-garde design created by our team and manufactured under the strictest quality controls.

ABARTH - Stand 4B43

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