Composites Ágora

Composites Ágora is a new space within Composites Madrid, created so that you can see first-hand the most innovative products made of composite materials, attend talks and enjoy networking moments.

formula biesse

Model SAE Formula

The Formula SAE model car is a testament to the company’s collaborative spirit and cutting-edge approach. This high-tech vehicle, designed and built by the E-Team Squadra Corse at the University of Pisa, uses Biesse Materia’s state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture key components in carbon fibre and wood. The combination of these materials allows for a lightweight and strong structure, while promoting sustainability in the automotive industry.

Biesse Materia - Stand 8B11

reciclado composites fairmat

Composites Recycling

Fairmat has developed a virtuous recycling process capable of circularising the manufacture of carbon fibre composite materials (post-industrial and post-consumer parts), thus giving a second life to this high value-added material. Instead of shredding waste, we use proprietary high-tech cutting technologies, incorporating robotics and machine learning. This allows us to hold the fibres and resin together and preserve the length of the fibres, for mechanical performance superior to traditional recycling techniques.

Fairmat - Stand CG9

palas padel nanomate

Smart Paddle Racket

Nanomate padel bats are characterised by the incorporation of carbon nanofibres in the epoxy resin used, which translates directly into less curing time and, as a consequence, a reduction in the manufacturing costs of these sports products. In addition to these improvements, they make the blades more resistant and lighter, as well as reducing vibrations during play and improving the control and mechanical properties of these elements in the world of sport.

Nanomate - Stand CG7

ventana eurecat.jpg

Composite regional aircraft window frame with integrated LED lights.

Integrated during the manufacturing process using compositronics. Thanks to the lightness of composites and printed electronics, it is possible to significantly reduce the weight of components and large structures, as well as to reduce costs in assembly processes by introducing sensors during the composite manufacturing process. This prototype consists of a high-performance polymer composite structure containing LEDs inside, providing ambient lighting to the cockpit while maintaining the structural properties of the composite.


probetas de materiales compuestos para la caracterización avanzada

Composite test specimens for advanced characterisation

Specimens used for the basic characterisation of the elastic properties of composite materials (tensile and compression), on the one hand, and a typical quality control test such as the interlaminar strength test, on the other hand, are shown. Also presented are various specimens used for advanced characterisation including delamination and compact tension specimens, used to determine matrix and fibre toughness.

Universidad de Girona - Stand CG1

la mosca zund

The Fly

Exhibition piece made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic with a thickness of 4mm. Carbon fibre reinforced plastics have been manufactured for many years, and are lightweight, highly resistant and dimensionally stable composite materials. They are very popular in the aeronautics, aerospace, transport, sports, etc. industries.
This example opens a before and after in the possible applications of composites: art and design for exhibitions, museums, architecture/urban sculpture and many others.

Zünd - Stand 8C02+8C04



Polyester bars that replace the steel bars used on construction sites to make walls.