Ceres, Yaskawa’s collaborative palletising solution with cobots

Robot colaborativo Yaskawa

Imasd‘s new Ceres palletising cell has a simple installation and configuration process, and an adaptability that makes it perfect for any type of company and/or sector. Imasd has relied on Yaskawa‘s HC series of collaborative robots to design a solution capable of working relentlessly in an industrial environment, with guaranteed durability and reliability.

When implementing an industrial automation process, the main features to consider are speed and simplicity of implementation, as well as the ability of new production processes to adapt to changing conditions. In other words, their flexibility.

Imasd, a company specialising in industrial robotics and automation of industrial processes, has been contributing to the technological development of the sector for more than 26 years. Aware of the demands of the sector, they have always based the design of their solutions on meeting the specific needs of their customers, both for present and future conditions.

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