Ideko collects data from more than a thousand machines connected to the cloud to monitor the status of components

Portada Libro ¿Por qué la inteligencia artificial es aplicable a tu pyme?

Avoiding breakdowns and production stoppages, as well as increasing the availability of equipment and guaranteeing its optimum performance have become some of the main concerns that the Ideko technology centre, a member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), has detected in companies that use machine tools when manufacturing parts and components with high added value that offer high quality and precision results, such as the aeronautics, automotive or machine tool industries.

These artificial intelligence processes have much to contribute when it comes to controlling the monitoring of components, detecting anomalies before errors occur, in short, improving plant production. Moreover, through this digital technology it is possible to process a huge volume of data, improve agility in decision-making and be competitive in an increasingly complex market.

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