Behind the innovations: Robert Bosch

Alberto Martínez Reguero - Bosch

AMM – What was the motivation to start developing the BITURBO and X-Lock System?

Robert Bosch –

The development of BITURBO is based on the trend of professionals using more and more battery-powered machines. Bosch’s aim was to push this trend even further by achieving the performance of a corded product with an 18-volt battery. In this way, professionals can use battery-powered tools for their (even the most demanding) applications.

In the case of X-LOCK, Bosch wanted to make it easy to change the discs without tools in a very easy and safe way. Changing an accessory without the need for additional tools (spanners) has already been developed by Bosch in products such as our SDS plus hammers and jigsaws. With this previous experience, we already knew that these systems make the day-to-day work of professionals much easier. The challenge was to transfer this to grinders.

AMM – Can you tell us about the product development process, any anecdotes or stumbling blocks that got in the way?

Robert Bosch –

In the case of BITURBO, the challenge was to optimise each product for each type of trade/use. In other words, a circular saw for cutting oak, and a grinder for cutting a steel profile need different current peaks to optimise the result and autonomy.

In the case of X-LOCK, many tests were carried out with different accessories in very extreme conditions to ensure that the system would always respond regardless of the professional using the grinder and the application being performed.

AMM – What is the technology behind this innovation?

Robert Bosch – In the case of BITURBO, it is:

18V ProCORE batteries with optimised, higher capacity cells.
A software programming that detects the demand of the application and optimises the work of the motor with the energy of the cells.
A performance motor.
For X-LOCK it is a novel mechanical design with a simple interface to the consumable.

AMM – What are the main advantages of this innovative product, what needs does it meet and how can it improve the life of companies?

Robert Bosch –

BITURBO brings the possibility to solve any application that a professional has to perform with batteries, eliminating the need for generators, cables and plugs. In addition, the batteries are interchangeable with the rest of the 18V professional range, offering total flexibility which translates into increased productivity for our users.

With X-LOCK, the need to use a spanner to remove or fix a disc on a grinder is eliminated. In addition, the user will always have the certainty that the accessory is correctly positioned on the grinder (there is no possibility of misplacing it).

AMM – Which sectors is the innovation mainly aimed at?

Robert Bosch –

There are more than 20 BITURBO models aimed at a wide variety of trades ranging from carpentry to construction and industrial assembly.

X-LOCK fits into any trade where discs on the grinder are frequently changed (metalworking industry, installation, construction…).

AMM – What are the main obstacles facing a company that wants to develop an innovative product?

Robert Bosch –

Bosch invests more than 7% of its sales in research and development. It is a pillar of our company. In power tools, our main challenge is to prioritise where we can make the biggest impact in the different markets we serve around the world.

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