Universal Robots partners with global technology integrator Denali

Línea brazos robóticos Universal Robots

Universal Robots, the Danish manufacturer of collaborative robots, has entered into a new partnership with Denali Advanced Integration, a global technology and services integration company. This makes Denali Universal Robots’ largest Certified Solutions Partner (CSP). The partnership is expected to leverage Denali’s unparalleled integration expertise and market reach to bring Universal Robots cobot technology to leading companies around the world. The partnership is part of the new AaaS (Automation as a Service) portfolio that the Danish company announced in April.

With this new service, Universal Robots will offer large-scale enterprises an end-to-end integration and support service, which aligns with the growing interest of large enterprises in automation through cobots.

“Automation is an inherent step for companies looking to improve productivity and overcome labour shortages. In particular, automation with cobots has never been more important and attractive to companies, due to the versatility and wide range of applications created from Universal Robots’ impressive partner ecosystem,” says Kim Povlsen, president of Universal Robots.

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