Hexagon unveils automated 3D laser scanner for large surface inspection

hexagon destacada

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division announced the introduction of a new modular 3D laser scanner designed for large surface inspection for use with its laser tracker equipment and portable measuring arms. The new Absolute Scanner AS1-XL is built on the same SHINE technology as the existing, innovative Absolute Scanner AS1, enabling extremely accurate 3D data to be obtained at very high speeds from even the most challenging types of surfaces. It comes in a package designed for inspection of large surfaces and deep cavities in a variety of inspection applications, such as aerospace panels, marine propellers and large automotive castings.

The AS1-XL offers an ultra-wide 600-millimetre scan line with medium range. Together with its point acquisition range of 1.2 million points and 300 Hertz frequency, this makes it optimal for scanning large surfaces very quickly without compromising inspection detail. The scanner also offers an extended measuring distance of 700 millimetres, which in combination with its 600 millimetre working area enables the calculation of inaccessible points at a distance of up to one metre.

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