M3 Hybrid: Innovalia Metrology’s solution for optimising quality control processes

M3 Hybrid

The accuracy and quality of the final products depend to a large extent on the precision of the measurements and the ability of the measuring equipment to perform them as efficiently and accurately as possible. And this is what Innovalia Metrology undoubtedly provides with its M3 Hybrid solution, a solution that combines machine, sensors and software to optimise the quality control process.

M3 Hybrid is a complete measurement system, with the possibility of combining contact and non-contact measurement, which, with its latest updates, is at the forefront as a simple, complete and highly productive measurement tool. The combination of probes and the perfect match of the M3 software allows the system to perform accurate and detailed measurements on parts of any shape and size, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications in industry. At the same time, the ability to automate probe exchange thanks to its integrated interchangeable rack makes complete hybrid measurement programmes simpler and faster, while the probe management function accurately simplifies probe setup and calibration.

One of the most outstanding features of M3 Hybrid is its ability to adapt to different working environments. The system can be used in harsh industrial environments where measurements need to be made under adverse conditions such as high temperatures, vibration and dust, and it can also be used in laboratory environments where accurate and detailed measurements are required.

Another important feature of M3 Hybrid is its ease of use. The M3 software has undergone significant improvements and enhancements this year, including an optimised working environment, improved information exchange, advanced simulation functions and new measurement utilities. Improvements have also been made to geometry generation, results visualisation and user management, consolidating M3 as a complete and effective solution. M3 Software offers an intuitive and efficient experience, enabling accurate and efficient measurements without specialised training. Its graphical interface provides a clear and detailed visualisation of the measurements, facilitating the interpretation of results and decision making.

M3 Hybrid also stands out for its ability to present results instantly. The system is able to capture and process data in real time, allowing operators to make quick and accurate decisions based on the measurements taken. This is especially useful in applications where fast and accurate measurements are required, such as mass production or critical parts inspection.

Data collection and analysis are critical processes in manufacturing processes. Therefore, M3 Hybrid uses highly accurate algorithms that have been certified by NIST and PTB to ensure accuracy. These algorithms are optimised for offline programming and interaction with multiple CADs, enabling automatic colourmapping and collision detection.

In addition, its coordinate axis management system automatically modifies the CAD orientation to match the probe direction, further improving data accuracy. Interoperability is achieved through different file formats and standards such as QIF, DMO, DMI and CSV, allowing for greater flexibility in exchanging information between different technology platforms.

In terms of measurement accuracy, M3 Hybrid offers high accuracy over a wide range of measurements. The system is capable of measurements down to an accuracy of 0.001 mm, making it an ideal solution for high-precision applications in industry. In addition, the system features high measurement repeatability, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

In terms of integration with other production management tools, M3 Hybrid can be easily integrated with them, making it a complete and customised solution for each application. In addition, the system has a wide range of accessories and measuring probes that allow the user to adapt the system to different shapes and sizes of parts.

M3 Hybrid is undoubtedly an innovative and efficient dimensional measurement solution that combines the best of traditional and digital metrology to provide accurate and efficient measurements for advanced manufacturing process improvement. Its ability to adapt to different working environments, its ease of use and its high accuracy in a wide range of measurements make it an essential tool for any company looking to improve the quality of their products and optimize their production processes.

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