E-chain® assemblies: engineering on the move


Learn how to maximise the service life of your energy chains and cables in motion.

When it comes to choosing and configuring energy chains, the possibilities are endless. However, having clear guidelines is the key to making the right decisions in this process.

In any environment where machinery and equipment are in constant motion, energy chains play an essential role. Their configuration and movement may vary according to the requirements of each application, but regardless of their appearance, they all serve the same function: to protect, support and guide cables in dynamically moving applications, ensuring the efficient transmission of power, signals and data.

Avoiding crucial mistakes

The diversity of options and configurations in e-chains® can be overwhelming and, unfortunately, prone to errors. These errors range from choosing the wrong materials to installing the wrong cables for the e-chain®. It is vital to consider the specific conditions of your application, such as the application site (indoor/outdoor), extreme temperatures, inclement weather (rain, snow, ice…), falling chips, the generation of sparks, which may require alternative materials such as capped chains, aluminium caps or even steel chains.

For this reason it is essential to first carefully consider which cables are most appropriate for the specific application and then to distribute these cables appropriately within the e-chain®. Any errors in design or incorrect choice of materials can result in a system with a reduced service life, which in turn can lead to extra costs for frequent maintenance.

What should be considered for a successful installation?

By following these 8 steps you will avoid mistakes and achieve a successful installation:

Selection of cables for e-chain®. Consider requirements such as weight, diameter, bending radius, travel distance and more.
Determine the design of the e-chain®. To ensure the proper functioning of the e-chain® and to avoid any damage to the cables, determine the correct size of the chain, the required safety clearances and the arrangement of the cables according to weight. For example, it is important to arrange the cables symmetrically to avoid friction.
Choosing the right e-chain®. Select an e-chain® that meets the requirements.
Calculation of the appropriate bending radius according to the chosen cables and components.
Determining the length of the e-chain®. Calculate the appropriate length based on the travel distance of your application.
Calculation of the self-supporting length. Determining the self-supporting capacity with respect to an additional load. It is important to note that an empty e-chain® has a certain pre-set tension and therefore bends outwards to compensate for the rear weight of the cables.
Checking the chosen type of e-chain® to ensure that it meets the requirements.
Choice of additional components. E.g. end brackets, spacers, cable clamps, guide channels, etc.

Do you want to ensure the correct functioning of your e-chain®?

Remember that the e-chain® is designed to guide and protect your cables in the installation and that the proper functioning of the e-chain® depends on the right choice of all elements. LAPP, as a specialist in the manufacture of cables and connectors, offers you the ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CHAIN engineering service with experts at your disposal during the whole process of definition, product selection and design of e-chain® assemblies. If you have questions on how to choose components and how to define the correct design of your energy chain, do not hesitate to contact LAPP à https://lappespana.lappgroup.com/consulta-oelflex-connect.html?campaign=publicidad/advancedmanufacturing23/pack/articulo.

Do you want to know more about the ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CHAIN service?

Visit the LAPP booth 10F09 and learn more about this service and about new products, connectorised solutions and connection innovations for industrial automation. Make an appointment now with the LAPP experts at https://lappespana.lappgroup.com/ferias-y-eventos/advanced-manufacturing-2023.html?campaign=publicidad/advancedmanufacturing23/pack/articulo.

ÖFLEX® CONNECT CHAIN – Integral design for perfect interaction between cables and energy chains.

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