Machine tool industry closes a record year with a 17.1% increase in turnover

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The total turnover of the machine tool sector (machine tools, components and cutting tools) has reached its all-time record in 2023 after exceeding 2 billion euros in a year which, although it started off shaky, has shown great dynamism, growing by 17.1% over the figure for 2022, according to provisional data released by AFM, the Spanish association of manufacturers of machine tools, components, tools and accessories.

By sub-sectors, machines have grown by 21.5%, with deformation presenting a magnificent performance, with an increase of 37.6% and reaching 447 million euros, and starting up also growing with an increase of 15% and 929 million euros. The important investments of the automotive sector have been the main key to the good performance of deformation. For start-up, sectors such as energy and aeronautics, among others, have contributed to the growth.

As far as the rest of the subsectors are concerned, components and cutting tools have maintained similar figures to those of the previous year, while other machinery and services have grown notably, by 27% and 18%, respectively.