19 - 20 October 2022
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We are the world’s largest manufacturer of standard components for machinery and plants in any sector, with factories in Germany and Italy, and subsidiaries in major countries around the world, including Spain.

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Standard Machine Elements

Standard Machine Elements

ELESA+GANTER is a global commercial joint venture whose objective is to offer the widest range of standard machinery elements for the mechanical industry. Highly reliable products that guarantee perfect operation with a unique design represent the characteristic quality seal of ELESA+GANTER. ELESA+GANTER’s range of products contributes to improving the quality of the machinery and equipment for which they are intended. The constant search for ergonomics, production materials and functionality gives rise to a range characterized by a quality that can be appreciated with the naked eye and a unique design, as evidenced by the 53 industrial design prizes awarded by the most prestigious international juries. The Elesa+Ganter distribution network covers more than 70 countries around the world. Thanks to a close relationship with the headquarters, ELESA+GANTER subsidiaries and distributors can offer customers the best technical service.

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