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AM Madrid 2024

15 - 16 November 2024
Halls 8 & 10, IFEMA


PROMOTECH is an innovation driven manufacturer of professional power tools and welding automation equipment.

• For plates or pipes
• With electric or pneumatic drives
• Portable or stationary
• Available with auto-feed or manually operated
• Solutions for most beveling applications
• Bevelling by milling means no heat affected zones
or distortion of the work piece.
• Good weld preps
• High speed rotary milling heads and inserts
exchangeable between different bevellers
• J-groove end preparation
• Machines dedicated to stainless steels
• Ergonomic & eficient and reliable

Recent developments include:
• New generation of Drilling Machines and Bevellers
• Programmable Pipe Proile Cutting Machine
• Portable CNC Doorframe Cutting and Welding Machine
type MCM
• Gantry Welding Systems
• Column & Booms
• Range of programmable
Welding and Cutting Carriages

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